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UX is complicated and easy to get lost

We want to solve this problem

The reason

With the new introduction of the UX industry into Vietnam and the ever-evolving UX development globally, young Vietnamese people can face numerous challenges and struggles when it comes to finding the right direction in UX careers.

With the hope of
creating a playground among people in the UX field and building a sustainable and educational UX community, we would like to introduce UXMP – the first UX Mentorship Program ever in Vietnam where people are interested in becoming a real UX practitioner and can all learn from and grow with each other.


The way we do

The program will invite experienced mentors in Vietnam and globally, coming from various fields, to come up with a plethora of foundations. This will help build a more panoramic view of what UX can bring to the table.

The program lasts for 12 weeks. Each Mentor will guide 2 Mentees to complete a challenge, thereby helping them to answer three big questions:

Who am I?

Mentees need to reflect upon their identities as a person, to think deeply about their needs, desires, and goals, which can help their interpersonal and professional development.

What is happening?

Mentees will know what is happening in the UX industry in Vietnam and in the world. When they know where they are, they will realize the "best path" for themselves.

What do I need to do?

Mentees might know where they want to go next, but can be lost on their journey without clear guidances and instructions. This is where UXMP can help.

Thanks to our Advisors for the invaluable companion


Duong Quoc Tu

Nguyen Ngoc Hieu

Deputy Head of Transformation Division

@ Techcombank

Chief Product Officer

@ Seedcom

The way will be easier if we have a Mentor

Meanwhile, we have 22 of them

What does a Mentee get from UXMP?

We are happy if you receive all of it

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1-1 mentoring each week


Practical guided project


Portfolio building/feedback


A lifelong relationship with your Mentor