"How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?”

During these uncertain times, we are bound to feel heightened emotions. Each of us has a different way to express these sentiments and thoughts. How do you channel your fear, confusion, frustration, hope, gratitude? What are some ways you serve your community?

“How can you be an artist and not reflect the times?” - Nina Simone

And what does this mean for designers? Designing for behavioral change is increasingly relevant as people are “forced” to change their daily routines due to the pandemic. This essay written by Thao Lee on iDesign examines the core concepts of behavioral change design and how this theory applies to the new normal, according to Amy Bucher’s book “Engaged.” [1]

Here’s one example of how a group of Vietnamese designers is rallying its creative resources to help with the challenges of COVID-19. The FPT-alum founder of

Capi Creative Design - Hoang Bin, led the project of building the National Public Service Portal (a website that provides information on administrative procedures and online public services; supports the implementation and monitoring the settlement of these procedures; and handles of feedback nationwide) and the VNPT mobile app NCOVI (an app that provides ongoing COVID-19 cases data and medical declaration form in Vietnam). [2]

Besides the Coronavirus pandemic, you have heard of or probably witnessed the social injustice in the US that deals with Anti-Blackness. This has caused the social uprising across the globe. Designers at Dribbble found ways to amplify and shine a spotlight on artwork and design from the Dribbble community inspired by recent events and Black Lives Matter advocacy. [3]

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